August 14, 2007

Donald Weber

Donald Weber is a Guggenheim fellow and a Lange-Taylor prize winning photographer based in Moscow. His portfolios whether they be from the Ukraine or Turkish Kurdistan or Chad are reminders of just how muscular and illuminating photography can be when in the hands of a fearless observer... Please stop wasting your time here and click over to his site right away.

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08/14/07 09:46 PM

Yikes, those are good. I see what you mean by muscular. That last shot in the Turkish series is pretty intense. There is a lot of intensity throughout actually. How to get there...

08/15/07 12:36 AM

his style reminds me a little of yours. good stuff.

08/15/07 10:27 AM

super link. gracias señor

08/16/07 04:46 PM

Lots of photos about chinese cultural revolution, some of them were taken In Tibet.

08/16/07 10:49 PM

I remember the Ukraine story. Where did I see that? Here?
Anyway. He is a *strong* photographer. Wow.

08/17/07 01:15 PM

These are great. I love how he calls them "stories."

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