August 21, 2007

Asako Narahashi

It is much too late to be looking at photography but these images by Asako Narahashi from her series half awake and half asleep in the water matched my mood perfectly. Indulge yourself.

More can images can be found on the artist's website.

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08/21/07 11:25 AM

they match my mood at 11:24 in the morning.

I was wondering if you had seen these when you took your water pictures at the beach...

08/24/07 02:28 PM

"images by Asako Narahasi from her series"

08/24/07 08:16 PM

Corrected! Should have known from the name.

09/01/07 03:07 AM

These photographs are extraordinary. They remind me of being a child swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. But the airplane view brings back the week following 9/11 when my sister and I went sailing near Blue Hill, Maine, and a seal came up out of the water and sneezed at me, reminding me that there was another world beyond humans, which, at the time, was exactly what we all needed to hear, so desperate did we feel about what had just happened in NYC.

11/10/10 05:31 PM

I’m always moved by water and art produced with it! My favorite by far is the aircraft being taken by the sea! I think Asako Narahashi would love my new series of Underwater Nude Rock Quarry shots in a series entitled “OmniPhantmic”! Thanks to mother earth for the water we can still swim in!

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