July 13, 2007

Vocabulary Lessons

This entry might be subtitled 'fun with coverflow':

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07/13/07 11:40 AM

so cool--i want one.

07/13/07 12:34 PM

Yeah, yeah, but can he sing any of those songs?

07/13/07 12:45 PM


07/15/07 01:22 AM

That's fantastically adorable. Definitely try that on my twin nephews.

07/15/07 04:14 AM

He likes Ry Cooooder! But thinks ACDC is wishy washy.

Your giggle is priceless.

Thanks for making my day you two.

07/16/07 04:32 PM

astonishing how he's hearing the number of sylables in many cases. just wonderful.

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