July 3, 2007

Flight of the Conchords

Evolution of a comedy routine from my new favorite show: an early version, and a version from Sunday's show.

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07/04/07 03:15 AM

You have to hear them live sometime. They are ridic, I was in tears.

07/04/07 02:09 PM

Funnily enough, I just met one of them at a friend's house on Sunday in Silverlake. Having been out of the States, I had no idea who he was and didnt' realize how modest he was being when i asked what kind of show he did, and he said, "it's a musical comedy routine... sort of like tenacious d."

07/04/07 07:05 PM

Which one did you meet? And where where you in Silverlake? That's my old neighborhood.

07/05/07 10:23 AM

wow, that's good comedy. thanks for the links.

07/06/07 04:27 PM

it's post-post modern weird Al...

07/06/07 04:58 PM

We were off of Sunset, in the hills near Descanso Drive. And we met Bret from the Conchords... as well as a guy who said he makes pogo sticks. I don't hear that one often.

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