July 10, 2007

Catching Fireflies on Sydney Place


posted at 09:57 PM by raul

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07/12/07 05:39 PM

i think there is nothing more romantic than brooklyn fireflies. we used to marvel at them on our back porch at the old place as the subway would go past the smith & 9th station - surreal country/city experience all at once. when we moved to the new place i was afraid i wouldn't see them again but not true. there are tons! more than ever...a good sign...

11/04/11 06:03 PM

I am so jealous of you catching fireflies. Out here in Oregon there are none. :( We DO have clear and clean beaches though that are quite beautiful. I would love to come to the Eastern area of the US and catch fireflies! One of the things on my bucket list.

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