July 20, 2007

3030: New Photography in China

Ping Magazine interviews John Millichap editor of the new book 3030: New Photography in China as well as some of the contributors of the book. Of the book, one online reviewer wrote:

My main impression of looking through the book was adolescence. These are young photographers indeed, and the photos contain a heavy mix of the sort of self-obsessed, crude, and banal that you might expect from a similar collection anywhere in the rich world. That is, these young photographers are being normal. This bodes well for the future of China even if it does not suggest much for the future of photography.
I would agree with the first conclusion that it bodes well for the future of China, but would disagree with the second that it "does not suggest much for the future of [Chinese] photography." Even 15 years ago this kind of book would have been impossible. This is the first generation of kids allowed to be self indulgent, allowed to pick up cameras and call themselves artists. And is not self indulgence a necessary step towards maturity? And the reviewer doesn't seem to pick up on the humor and sense of freedom the book showcases. Also, of course, this is just one survey even from the opposite site of the world it would not be difficult to put together another set of 30 young photographers with a somewhat different editorial outlook so let's not condemn the future of Chinese photography just yet.

Amazon: 3030 New Photography In China

Many of the photographers in the book have blogs: 223     Birdhead     Peng & Chen     Alex So     Ou Ning     Yao Yi Chun     Xu Zi Yu     Liu Ding     Cao Fei     Zhou Yau     yiki liu     Zheng Zhiyuan     Liu Ren     Tang Yi     Si Wei     BNE     K1973     Ziboy     Cai Wei Dong     Lu Yang Peng

And more emerging Chinese photographers in an exhibition called Chinese Neo by the OPPS felting gallery.

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