June 7, 2007

Nelson Hancock's Kamchatka

About a month ago I pointed to a set of photographs from Eastern Europe by my friend and gallerist Nelson Hancock. Now Nelson has put up a new set of images, this time for an upcoming exhibition called Kamchatka, Photographs from Russia's Far East. As he notes, "Most people in the US have only heard of Kamchaka because it was an important territory in the old board game Risk..." His portraits from the Kamchatka River valley both bridge the distance and add to the mystery of this far away place.

The show opens June 14.

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06/08/07 12:37 AM

When I was helping train sled dogs in Alaska, one of the yearlings was named Kamchatka, which is pretty much the Near West for anyone that side of Fairbanks.

06/08/07 01:00 PM

While normally I would cringe at a gallerist who shows his own work, these(and the other set) are super fantastic. I also see why you two jibe. Just look at that picture you've posted and compare it to the portoflio thumbnail. Same feeling.

06/16/07 08:55 PM

Kamchatka is a place in this world that was closed off to us for half a century. .. Nelson has given us a good look at who lives there and how they do it. Thanks!

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