June 1, 2007

Greg Girard's Phantom Shanghai

It's not in hand yet, but I'm excited to have the new book Phantom Shanghai on order. The book is a record of Shanghai's vanishing historic architecture by Canadian photographer Greg Girard who has lived in the city for almost a decade. Magenta Magazine has a nice piece on the project which is available as a pdf download. From what I've seen so far, the images are imbued with a palpable melancholic beauty. Can't wait to see the rest of the book

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06/02/07 01:26 AM

You probably already know this book, but if not look for3030 New Photography in China. 30 Chinese photographers under 30.

06/02/07 07:45 PM

didn't know about 3030... thanks for the heads up, I'll check it out.

06/03/07 01:21 AM

Greg Girard's business partner Fritz Hoffman, also a Shanghai resident, has plenty of interesting pictures from the city and elsewhere in China on his site. Striking arrangements and colours. Worth a look.

Fritz Hoffman

06/05/07 03:33 AM

"I'm excited to have the new book Phantom Shanghai on order"...
Me too actually !
I saw this giant book for the first time two weeks ago and... Wow.

06/05/07 10:39 AM

Wow. These are things no one sees when they go to Shanghai. The tours tend to skip those things.

09/28/07 05:37 PM

Some stunning and haunting images. There is a CBC slideshow and naration of Mr. Girard's book at http://www.cbc.ca/arts/slideshows/Greg_Girard_Phantom_Shanghai/

09/28/07 06:08 PM

fantastic link. Thanks!

10/08/09 12:46 AM

Check out more samples of Greg's photography, including spreads from the book "Phantom Shanghai," on his personal site -


04/28/20 11:55 AM

increíble y emotivo trabajo, felicidades por tan grande viaje y poder registrar la china de aquellos años, un abrazo de otro fotografo del extremo sur de sudamerica

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