May 1, 2007

Nelson Hancock


My gallerist Nelson Hancock is a fine photographer in his own right (and also, for good measure, a trained anthropologist). He's known for his sumptuous large format landscapes, but I also love his medium format portrait work... He just updated his gallery website and on it has posted a set of portraits taken around the eastern fringes of Europe in the early 90's. They are wonderful.

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05/02/07 11:53 AM

Wow, they are really wonderful.

05/02/07 02:06 PM

so nice work. everythign in these place changed now.

05/02/07 07:40 PM

Are you sure they are all Eastern Europe this looks like a Turkish girl.

05/04/07 10:32 PM

Indeed some are from Turkey. I titled these with flexible borders. When I was working on these, I was thinking about borderlands and the edges of cultures, so to speak. I spent most of my time in Crakow and Prague, luckily also made it to Eastern Turkey, which is a real borderland. The Turkish girl, for example, lives in a Hemshin village in Eastern Turkey. The Hemshin are Muslim Armenians, having gradually converted to Islam around 300 years ago. They seemed to fit.

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