April 26, 2007


Laurel over on Iheartphotograph linked to a beautiful mellow set of images from the Russian heartland by Sergey Chilikov. The pictures are hosted on an online magazine photographer.ru which features russian photography and has many image galleries by Russian photographers. Definitely worth checking it out. Here's a link to the site translated into English by google. The translation is rough but it lets you know what's going on...

**Correction: There's an English version of the site, someone I overlooked the obvious link on the top right corner of the page.

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04/26/07 11:15 AM

Interesting, I reconised this image as the cover of The Gulag Orkestar by the band Beirut. There is some great stuff in that gallery.

04/26/07 03:39 PM

Second on Beirut cover - great CD to listen to while scanning the shots!

04/26/07 08:25 PM

Do you know Laurel? She keeps herself very anonymous on the site but seems pretty hooked into the photo world. My guess is that she's a photoeditor.

04/27/07 10:52 AM

I don't know Laurel... I guess using the first name sounded familiar but that's how she identifies herself... I enjoy the blog without thinking too much about the person behind it...

04/29/07 11:31 AM

photographer.ru is bilingual, I guess you did not find the switch (top right..)


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