April 4, 2007

Always in Motion

...even while asleep:
This is what one month and 4 days looks like.

posted at 01:08 AM by raul

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04/04/07 10:34 AM

Oh gosh Raul so utterly sweet. That slight bur of the head makes the picture for me. I hope we make it to NYC soon to see you guys, I've never even met your wife.

Raul Gutierrez, family man, father of 2. My oh my how things have changed. ;)

04/04/07 03:56 PM

hey guys good to hear from you i lost your IM and email in an address book disaster over a year ago. IM me at donleoxii (AIM)... let's chat. Are you back from Indonesia? Where are you? What happened to you blog? So many questions.

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