March 7, 2007


My wife read my account of her labor and delivery this morning and let me know it wasn't how she experienced it at all. "The car ride was kind of a relief. I barely remember it," was her response. Maybe I'll get her version when we come up for air.

Another friend sends Don't Send Your Baby Pictures... which should probably be applied to blogging too although if you read this blog you know I can't help myself sometimes.

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03/07/07 08:59 AM

Hey, I can take the baby pictures. I'm a grandmother. LOL

03/07/07 10:14 AM

I'm 22 and love your baby pictures/stories. They are a part of what makes this blog such an interesting mix of photography and personal anecdotes. I had honestly never thought about parenthood before reading this blog. Now I look forward to it....... someday.

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