March 23, 2007

Two little old ladies recounting their dreams

@ the diner on Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn

lady in yellow hat: I was flying.

lady in blue hat: I’ve had that dream.

lady in yelllow hat: I went to Jersey.

lady in blue hat: I always go to into city. I shop.

lady in yellow hat: You shop in your dreams?

lady in blue hat: I always shop.

lady in yellow hat: I just fly. Nude... Totally, gloriously, nude.

lady in blue hat: Me too! Well...except for my shoes, I always fly in my best shoes... and a hat. I never go out without a hat.

lady in yellow hat: You always were the better dressed than me.

lady in blue: But you turned the boys heads.

lady in yellow hat: Maybe next time you should leave the hat at home.

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03/23/07 09:51 AM

Where's the favorite button for this one?

03/23/07 02:02 PM

Were they black ladies? I see two sweet sweet grandmothers in hats in the back booth near the painting of the bridge all the time. I've always guessed they were sisters.

03/23/07 03:50 PM

We might be talking about the same ladies...

03/24/07 01:22 PM

You have got a talent which is beyond the photography. I like the way you look through your view-finder :)

03/27/07 09:20 PM

i just stumbled upon your blog, and what a wonderful surprise!

04/28/07 11:37 PM

ditto what julie said. what a lovely little moment.

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