March 15, 2007

Jennifer Trausch Interview

Jennifer Trausch has been traveling around the country with the legendary 20x24 Polaroid camera shooting black and white portraits of people she finds along the way... Her brand spankin' new website features a few shots from this ongoing project as well as many images from Skateland which was shown last year. My interview with Jen is up Andrew Long's Daily F'log which is highlighting polaroid photography this week. (Polaroid Week has already produced many fun articles including a Michael David Murphy's interview with Mike Slack, check it out.). If you've ever seen the 20x24 in person it's a thing of beauty and being so in awe of the camera itself most of my questions were about process...

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03/15/07 05:28 AM

good link, thanks. also nice to hear someone else with a -ausch in their last name.

03/19/07 02:16 PM

this is a very neat project. very much enjoyed your interview with her. now i need to convience her to come where i am :)

12/03/08 11:47 AM

I love Jennifer's work, I think she captured some broken dreams at Skateland.

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