March 1, 2007

Gabriel Min-Gul Gutierrez

Born @ 8:45PM, 9 pounds 12 ounces, 21inches

Mother and baby are just fine.

More to follow...

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03/02/07 12:38 AM

Welcome Gabriel!

03/02/07 01:59 AM

!!!That sure went fast. Another _big_ boy. Love and Peace to the whole fam.

03/02/07 02:25 AM

Congratulations and all the best to you and your growing family!!!

03/02/07 03:01 AM

Congratulations to you and your family! And happy birthday to Gabriel. :)

03/02/07 03:03 AM

Oof. That's a big boy.

It's always good to have a baby around...I'm excited.

03/02/07 03:44 AM

Congratulations and all the best to the four of you!

03/02/07 03:59 AM

Oh wow, the second pancake ! Can't wait to see your pictures.
Greetings to Jen and well done to you !

03/02/07 04:17 AM

Congratulations you guys!!! And we can't wait to meet you, Gabriel. :D

03/02/07 06:48 AM

Magnificent and congratulations all round!
Welcome to the world, Gabriel.

03/02/07 06:50 AM

Congrats and welcome!

03/02/07 09:05 AM


03/02/07 10:26 AM

9 pounds 12 ounces, 21inches ---> G-U-L-P-!

Yay hooray and welcome little Gabriel! You picked some cool parents and a groovy neighborhood. We can't wait to give you a baby high-five. Tina+Ella

03/02/07 10:59 AM

Congratulations! We're very happy for you guys. Can't wait for the pics...

03/02/07 01:15 PM

congrats to the whole family!

03/02/07 01:18 PM

I just read the posts you made when your first baby was born. I hope you post the blow by blow of this one (I'm pregnant and want all the details!).

wowzers 9 pounds 12 ounces......... but a pound lighter and an inch less than your first. Also if I'm reading the blog correctly this one was on time while the first was a week late... so he probably would have been about the same had you waited. Isn't a pound a week normal for the last few weeks? Anyhow. !!!!!!!!!! You guys must be exhausted. If I didn't clear across the continent I'd make you a few meals for your fridge...

03/02/07 01:21 PM


03/02/07 01:59 PM


03/02/07 02:50 PM

Congratulations! We look forward to the pictures and the stories from your newly minted brotherhood :)

03/02/07 03:36 PM

A cigar and a scotch for you my webfriend. I just watched my sister have a baby. While the experience was physically unimaginably demanding on her, psychologically speaking it was harder on my brother in law.


03/02/07 07:36 PM


03/02/07 08:39 PM

Good to hear everyone is doing fine and I can't wait to see images soon. I can't believe I just typed that man. I'm not real big on baby pictures but I have faith you will apply just the right touch to make them stand above the crowd.
Get your rest're gonna need it....

03/03/07 02:02 AM


03/03/07 09:10 AM

Congratulations! Welcome Gabriel

03/04/07 07:36 PM

Congratulations! I wish you happiness!

03/05/07 02:29 PM

I won't forget your comment before, "What have we done?" Congratulations :)

03/09/07 11:10 PM

Congratulations Raul!

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