February 19, 2007

Japanese Photoblogs

After a post a few weeks ago featuring a Japanese photographer, several emails came in from Japan pointing me to this big list of Japanese photoblogs. The list features a huge range of sites from serious art portfolios to casual everyday "I ate eggs this morning" kind of blogs. Navigation is often obtuse so be warned. Images from a few of the photographers whose work caught my eye are listed below (click on the image to launch the respective sites).


hondaart.jpgOkajimax S.Hondart


dionnejp.jpgKoji Takiguchi

nakamuraayao.jpgAyao Nakamura

nijino-kizashi-petit.jpgSachiko Kawanabe

digikazi.jpgYoshihisa Kajioka


everybreathyoutake.jpgAtsushi Saito

Here's a bonus: The project "broken" on this blog by Akihiro Takahashi adds snippets of live sound to the images... I find it adds a real immediacy... nice idea.

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02/20/07 10:53 PM

Thanks for the links. Great resource. I've often thought there must be whole communities of photoblogs out there that we know nothing about because all the links are some language other than English... Photoblogs don't google well to start out with because of their lack of text so they are hard to find... sites like photoblogs.org have some foreign links but as it is an english oriented site, my bet is the ones posted there have the most western leaning content. I've always imaged there are great communities out there other countries- china, sweden, brazil that we know nothing about.

Many great finds on the list. One really weird and interesting one was called yellows privacy. The photographer enters women's apartments and then systematically photographs their shelves, the contents of their cabinets, the kitchens, everything, like a thief, mixing it with nudes of the girls who live ther. It's creepy. Not exactly art, not exactly porn.

There are many that are just as banal as their american photoblog counterparts, but sometimes the details make them interesting like the architecture in this blog and all those super compact cars. Thanks. I've been going back and exploring all day long it's like the key to a whole hidden world.


03/03/07 12:23 AM

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