February 28, 2007

Holding Pattern

Everyone predicted our 2nd child to be born already, but he's taking his time. I'm in the middle of an ugly cold so I wouldn't mind if the birth were delayed a few days as sneezing on newborns is not recommended. The due date is today or tomorrow or yesterday depending on which chart you believe. My dad keeps saying, "He should have been born already," as if we are in control. He and my stepmother have also stated they could never love the second one as much as the first. "Impossible" they say in Spanish. When you love one kid so much, and that love has given you so much, the appearance of a second one is almost threatening as if it will dilute what you feel. They underestimate the size of their hearts.

If you've never seen the belly of a woman at full term, it's an extraordinary thing. Knees and elbows poke out when the baby shifts. Occasionally you see a foot or handprint. You push, the little guy inside pushes back. It's staggering how the journey of a few inches will change all our lives. Our first son is 2 years and 3 months old. He understands he'll have a brother soon, but of course he has no idea of how his life will transform. My wife and I are both firstborn, so we empathize.

We're all tired of waiting, ready for what's next. Now if I could just shake this cold.

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02/28/07 04:09 AM

Emer-gen-C packets always helped me fend off bugs. You can find them sold individually at corner stores in the city, or whole boxes at places like Whole Foods. I've also heard Zinc stuff helps... cough drops, etc.

Also, if you're eating any sugar, try to cut down on that till you're better... I've read that it weakens the immune system.

Much love to your family at this exciting time... I cannot wait to hear about the new addition to your family.

And I hope you feel better soon!

02/28/07 04:54 PM

My best wishes for the upcoming arrival. I am very excited for you all. Can't wait to meet that little man. And, Feel better!

02/28/07 10:00 PM


03/03/07 10:10 AM

Don't worry. Gabriel Min-Gul, like Raúl Andrés, is very lucky. Mom, Dad, and Grandparents will be amazed at how much love fits in the heart.

I had twin boys almost 4 years ago. Quite a handful. When baby Isabel unexpectedly made her way home 6 months ago, we we amazed at how well she fit into our already saturated family puzzle. A huge baby blessing on top of twin brother blessings.

The heart is like a magic cup. The more love you pour in, the more love it can hold.

Congratulations. ¡Cheers! ¡Salud!

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