February 6, 2007

Dorthe Alstrup

I discovered Dorthe Alstrup's photography via her entry in Jen Bekman's Hey Hot Shot competition more than a year ago. Her body of work is full of evocative imagery suggestive of fairy tales or short stories. Look at this one for example... or this one or this one... oh hell, they're all great, just go browse yourself. I hope someone gives her a show here in New York soon. I'd love to see these as prints.

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02/07/07 03:12 AM

Looks like the link to Dorthe's page isn't working. Looks fun, though

02/07/07 03:21 AM


02/07/07 06:54 AM

02/07/07 10:19 PM

Wow. Really immersive images and I usually don't like anything in that yale school posed style... I live sort of nearby. Might look her up I'd love to get a studio visit. There are a couple of these I'd love to own. if I make it over there I'll let you know how it goes.

02/09/07 01:54 PM


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