January 25, 2007

Travis Ruse

If you have ever tried to make photographs in the New York City subway system, you know what a difficult task it is. The lighting is terrible. People are wary. It's hard to get a clear shot because of the crowds. Etcetera. And yet Travis Ruse has managed to take countless beautiful candid shots in the subway, day after day, year after year.

Tonight a show of his subway photos will open at 6:30 at Redux Gallery (116 E. 16th St. 12th Flr). I happened to see several freshly printed images over at Gabe Greenberg's studio and they look spectacular, so much more alive than any image on a screen could ever be, can't wait to see them on the wall. The show runs through March 9th.

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01/25/07 04:53 PM

Opening your blogsite today was like opening the door to an unexpectedly newly redecorated room. Nice layout, and travis' subway shot is rich.

01/26/07 01:33 AM

Thanks for introducing me to Travis' work and subway website: really amazing pictures! I regret not being in New York to see those prints...

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