January 20, 2007

My iphone "i want" list

Like everyone else, I'm pretty exited about the iphone. But I won't be head over heels excited until I find out if 3rd parties can develop apps for it, because a slick phone would be neat, but a real version of OS X with 3rd party apps would be like cherries every day. This list of "I want" apps came to mind almost immediately. What's on your list?

1. I want to be able to find photographs on the net geotagged to my current location with a scroller that goes back chronologically. Imagine standing at a particular spot, and instantly be able to see what happened there last week, last month, last year. (idea originally from Jakob Lodwick)

2. I want fingerpainting. (allowing you to choose between watercolors, gouache, oils, etc... and with paint running down the screen based on the phone's orientation)

3. I want an intruder alert. In other words you lock your phone with a special code, and if someone picks up your phone it starts taking pictures, recording sound and sending you an email with photos and the recording. Also it should have a siren.

4. I want an alarm clock set to one of my itunes playlists.

5. I want Netnewswire.

6. I want a portable antfarm with virtual ants.

7. I want a timelapse function for camera where a series of images is taken at a preset intervals and turned into a movie.

8. I want the phone to read me my mail if I'm in the car.

9. I want to be able to record my phone calls with a click..

10. I want voice annotated email... yeah it would just be voicemail via email, but it would mean I could send a voicemail to someone without a phone.

11. I want to be able to transfer files user to user via wifi or bluetooth... if iphone really runs a flavor of OS X this should be no problem. We can always email files anyway, and not allow auto-discovery via rendezvous.

12. I want the option to connect a small keyboard. Will this be possible via the ipod socket? Probably not, but we can keep our fingers crossed.

13. I want to be able to set custom mail sounds for different users.

14. When someone in my address book calls, I want to, with a click, have access to recent email from them while we speak.

15. I want an open API for the document viewer so I can view files in a variety of formats including word, excel, etc...I know most of these document types are viewable through the web, but wouldn't it be nicer to have this native?

16. I want to run skype or to be able to do voice chats when I'm connected via wifi.

17. I want to be able to directly sync any folder on my computer to any folder on the phone with a push of the button and without going through .Mac or some other third party.

18. I want to be able to share a calendar with selected people so we can all sync whenever we are online.

19. I to play games with the the person across from me on the subway via wifi.

20. I want play a song for a friend over wifi. ("Hey listen to this.")

21. I want subway maps. With real time arrival times/traffic reports.

22. I want the Oxford English Dictionary.

23. I want a local copy of wikipedia.

25. I want to be able to take a picture of a barcode, have it scanned and understood, and find out what the best price for that product is online.

26. I want directions when I am lost.

27. I want to be able to call in and with a secret code have the phone tell me where it is, so I can find it when I lose it.

28. I want to be able to access files on my home computer when I forget something.

29. Did I mention fingerpainting?

30. I want it now.

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01/20/07 05:30 AM

I-want a phone that is just a phone, not a laptop, not an mp3 player, not a camera, but just a phone. 10 digits, call and hang-up buttons. That's it.

I-enjoy your blog, cheers,

01/20/07 01:25 PM

Hey, Jeremy- Knock yourself out. simple phones are everywhere and cheap. Personally I too have never desired a smart phone...until now. To me the iPhone is equivalent to taking my Mac in my pocket...and that's a very attractive new paradigm.

01/20/07 11:08 PM

out of curiosity what phone do you use now?

01/20/07 11:58 PM

I actually want a smaller form factor iphone... one about the size of the nano... I don't need video, just a ipod, a phone, and and address book. don't care about email.

01/21/07 04:43 PM

I was a phone freak for years an then went cold turkey. So right now I don't have a phone. The iphone is forcing me to make the plunge again... Even without 3rd party apps (my guess is the first version of the phone will be closed) it's the kind of phone I've been waiting for...

06/08/07 06:57 AM

i think it would be great to have an iphone with lots of apps but I want to have any app available for the iphone, not just what steve at apple lets us.

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