January 7, 2007

Diary of a 13 year old Evangelical

I found this diary in Philadelphia home of a family member who shall remain anonymous (her original spelling is preserved):

Precious Moments
September 19, 1993

Jesus, please make my pimples go away! Lord when will I ever learn that you are the answer to all things? Oh Hum. Don't let my period come during a very embarressing moment. :) You know if You weren't here my life would end instantly. Perhaps never even started. Lord. I am very sad. I really don't know why. People are moving on and I'm stuck on gum. Everyone seems to have something butt not me. I used to be quite conceited and look. Some people are scared to talk to the "snob" at school. Butt I don't want lo self esteem. It hurts alot. I need to be confident in myself and also in my friends. I don't know even how to act towards you. I know, tho, that I need you.

September 23
pimples are the least of my problems. Precious Moments ! Well, okay, I "talked" to my coach and got in major trouble. I really don't know what to do. Should I quit or play? I know there are some people who don't want me too butt what about the others? Lord, I'm sorry and I feel terrible. I wish you were visible. I need you. Tomorrow I want to be real and not transparent. I really don't like me. I wish Satan would stop pestering me. Lord, I give it to you and I'll try not to worry. Lord, I am sorry for all my sins.

I [heart] u!

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02/04/07 03:18 PM

Evangelicals are frightening.

I would highly recommend two programs, one called "Frontline: The Jesus Factor" and the other "Jesus Camp", both give incredible insight into the evangelical church and their disturbing goals, beliefs, and political influence in the USA.

Prepare to be bothered.

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