December 28, 2006

Dylan Chatain's American Imagination

I've been a fan of Dylan Chatain's photography since I saw a few of his prints at the Jen Bekman Gallery last year... He's recently posted more work online from project The American Imagination. When I saw his prints lat year and when I checked his work online, the phrase that kept floating into my head was quietly evocative... but instead of reading a description, why not just look at the pictures...

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12/28/06 12:05 PM

I'm not sure I understand the logic of the various groupings (the tight portraits seem out of place... as if they were taken by another photographer), but even so there are many compelling images. Maybe this is weird but have the desire to regroup the images by color. Do you know if he shoots film or has a show coming up?

04/07/07 08:44 PM

It's as good as photograph NEEDS to be....

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