November 23, 2006

Turkey and Kimchee

For the first time since we started dating Jenn won't be making Thanksgiving dinner. We'll be with Korean relatives in Philadelphia enjoying a Turkey dinner preceded by banchan and served with kimchee on the side. This is not unlike the way I grew up where we often had Turkey with a side of salsa. Tortillas were always an option and turkey tacos were the favored way of prepping leftovers. We had Indian neighbors who would serve Turkey and samosas. Russians who would serve borscht. Some my friends in East Texas would always have deep fried turkey, or better yet, deep fried turduckin. In LA I knew vegetarians who would craft a tofurky. However you celebrate it, enjoy the holiday. Eat well. Enjoy your family and friends. Travel safe.

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11/23/06 10:06 AM

Good to hear that folks in the great melting pot still manage to make the culture their own.

11/24/06 11:52 AM

Spicy, well ripened kimchee makes any bland turkey taste better...cheers.

11/24/06 07:08 PM

I think I'd be satisfied just with pumpkin pie! Thanks for blogging, Raul.

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