November 26, 2006

The Woeful Kingdom

If hell exists, I expect it looks something like the King of Prussia Mall, the day after Thanksgiving. I get the sense my son agrees.

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11/26/06 07:18 AM


p.s. you crack me up.
p.s.s. nice photo

11/26/06 01:28 PM

Nice title is it from this,
"It was not death, nor could one call it life.
Imagine, if you have the wit,
what I became, deprived of both.
The emperor of the woeful kingdom
rose from the ice below his breast,
and I in size am closer to a giant
than giants are when measured to his arms.
Judge, then, what the whole must be
that is proportional to such a part.
If he was fair as he is hideous now,
and raised his brow in scorn of his creator,
he is fit to be the source of every sorrow. "

11/26/06 09:45 PM

I get the Costco Reaction as well. I love the holidays, I hate the commercialism and the traffic and the lines and the rude people and the lack of quality service....POR - Press on Regardless - it'll all be over soon.

11/27/06 08:08 PM

If the King of Prussia Mall after Thanksgiving is hell, the question is what have you done to deserve such an unfortunate fate? I've spent 15 minutes on May weekend there since my brother lives not a mile away. The mall then only bore some resemblance to purgatory.

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