November 16, 2006

The Day is Done

posted at 02:19 AM by raul

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11/16/06 11:01 AM

i really get that sense of the last patrol around the house before getting to bed...

as much as I like your "serious" photography, I also really love the casual shots you do around the house and of yoru family, they're one of reasons this blog is so appealing

11/16/06 08:42 PM

These are so wonderful. They actually make me a little teary even though I'm not a parent. Last one especially...

11/17/06 04:50 AM

Do I spy a set of TinTin in the 3rd image? If so, good on ya.

11/17/06 01:19 PM

Today I linked to "Day is Done"
Yesterday I wrote about a photographer who traveled to Africa to make images and today I contrasted that with your blog entry. Photos right inside your own 4 walls. These are very poignant images for a parent but maybe more so for me, a grandparent. It awakens so many memories. Thanks.

11/18/06 01:19 PM

When he spotted the dinosaur my son said: Can we go there? Nice pictures.

11/18/06 02:36 PM

Do you mind if I ask a little bit about this series. Did you plan it and set it up? Are they all from one night?

11/18/06 05:20 PM

there wasn't much too it really. As one commenter guessed I was doing the 'last patrol' of the house... I had left my camera downstairs and took these pictures on the way up. Many times as I've puttered around after my wife and son have fallen asleep I've thought, 'I love the house like this with little cars scattered around and illuminated through windows by streetlights, I should shoot this', but otherwise it wasn't planned.

12/26/06 11:50 AM

i just love this post. wonderful pictures.

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