September 29, 2006

The Physical Print

I was hanging out with my friend and printer Gabe Greenberg (pictured above taking a break on the fire escape) last night and found a copy of Richard Benson's "The Physical Print - A Brief Survey of the Photographic Process" in his studio. This is an super little book detailing in concise clear language (and with beautiful illustrations) the history of photographic printing methods. It seems to be an exhibition catalog for this show. I can't find a copy for sale anywhere online (Gabe received his as a gift). Any ideas?

Update: I called the Yale art department and they sent me a copy... so excellent.

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09/30/06 10:09 AM

Benson is(was?) the head of the art department at Yale. Why not contact him directly and see if he has author's copies?

11/02/06 08:39 PM

If you have difficulty getting a copy, you're welcome to borrow and (shudder) xerox my copy in Park Slope, Brooklyn. It's a good read for printers and photographers, and Benson's allegedly working on a successor tome for MoMA to William Ivins' great, great book, "Prints and Visual Communication."

Walter Dufresne, Brooklyn, NY

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