September 1, 2006

First Photo

I'm sure I had taken other photographs before especially with our little 110 camera, but this is the first one I remember. It was 1974 and I was 7. Morning. A school day. My brothers were still asleep and my dad was trying read the previous night's paper before heading to work. I entered the kitchen with his Pentax around my neck having just figured out the light meter... Focus. Click. So satisfying. My mom said, "You shouldn't be playing with that," and I replied, "I'm not playing mom, I just took your picture."

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09/01/06 05:18 AM

Wonderfull story, and I love the picture,to. When I opened the page it looked like a movie still to me...

09/01/06 12:14 PM

Maybe just dumb luck, but it certainly reminds me of your stuff now.

And your parents clothes are out of this world.

I also love the detail of the train set.


09/01/06 03:23 PM

that's just... awesome.

09/01/06 04:17 PM

that's amazing.

- amy

09/02/06 08:59 PM

there is so much to say about this photo, but the first thing I notice is the angle from your mother's eyes to the camera ( your view as a 7 yr. old ). Very moving.

p.s. We allowed our kids to use our video camera when they were very young. It's worth the risk because you get to see yourselves from their perspective--like an out of body experience.

09/20/06 08:00 PM


03/23/07 04:02 PM

that is a very impressive photo considering how young you were. you seem to remeber those days very well. my story with my parents would be like, i want to have a camera and they would reply: your brother is gone break it so you can't have any!

04/18/08 09:35 AM

Superb photo.

04/18/08 12:01 PM

anne just said it all!

04/18/08 12:44 PM

pretty good start!

04/19/08 03:12 PM

Just found a link to this on your flickr site. Nice shot - it does look like a movie still too!

Awesome memory, I'm sure.. :o)

04/22/08 05:54 PM

I wish I could find some of my first rolls of film shot. My dad gave me a Canon ftb with I was about 7 also.

great story!!

04/27/08 09:03 AM

wow - that's a great first picture!

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