August 14, 2006

1rst and Houston

It seems like every time I pass the 1rst and Houston there is a couple making out, hugging, or just generally intertwined (in one case a couple was staring deep into each others eyes massaging each others shoulders and crying). If I go through my archives I can probably find a dozen pictures like this taken at exactly the same spot. Upon reflection I realized Jenn and I might have had a few long goodbye smooches here back when she lived on Mott street even though we're generally not big on extravagant PDAs... Hmm.

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08/14/06 02:44 PM

i asked my girlfriend of four years for her phone number right where that second couple is standing. i totally flubbed her first name in the process, but that appears not to have mattered. for what it's worth, there was no lip-mashing on that occasion.

08/16/06 07:27 PM

Likely and unlikely romantic smooching spots always make me think, "Could I kiss my boyfriend there without getting the sh*t kicked out of me?" This happens on street corners, on buses, in malls, in ball parks, pretty much anywhere I witness pdas.

08/18/06 05:38 PM

Can I add a photo? I took a cameraphone image of a couple at that same spot a few minutes ago.

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