July 17, 2006

Spanish Cuisine

Sentences not likely to be heard in New York:

"I have just the thing for your son. Brain. It’s in the refrigerator and I can fry it with a bit of butter. It’s from a baby goat slaughtered just a few days ago. Little boys just love it."

"Don't be ridiculous, of course ducks have tongues. The tongue is the tastiest part of the bird. Pigeons also have tasty tongues... so hard to find these days."

"You have a choice between the pig's feet which have been boiled and then fried, or the dried cod."

"My favorite thing in the whole world, my very favorite thing: rooster comb. And here's the tragedy, the portions are always so small."

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07/18/06 09:36 AM

grilled rooster comb ... aaah! ... twelve for me, please ... plus some of theses seahorses...

07/21/06 06:55 PM

It must be noted that my step mother magda once again offered brain to my child for breakfast, but not just brain, brain hash.

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