July 31, 2006

Pimba Music

Across Portugal I kept seeing CDs for the mustachioed Quim Barreiros. Turns out he was one of Portugal's first Pimba musicians. Pimba is a cheery (occasionally raunchy) brand of Portuguese folk music. Many of the songs sound suspiciously like the cheery (occasionally raunchy) ranchero music you find in northern Mexico and Texas. Finding pimba on the web is somewhat difficult, but i'll upload a song or two when I'm back home. The best I can do for now is thisyoutube video of a girl chair dancing to Pimba.

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08/09/06 01:10 PM

I have been having difficulty finding a source for some examples of this type of music for the Harvard Music Library's Archive of World Music, where I work as a curatorial assistant -- if you run across a good vendor, please comment! -- thanks, Donna

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