July 25, 2006

Flutters and bubbles

Hey, from Portugal.

Things are good. Here's why:

I go nuts over a good castle and Obidos has a great castle. It looks exactly like the ones I drew as a kid (I preferred towers to battlements).


The Portuguese don't look at you like you're crazy if you want to eat dinner at 8 (as opposed to the Spanish 11).


Portuguese restaurants often feature outdoor bbqs. (Did I mention we are a bbq loving family.)


A pair of turtles named Dulce and Ernesto who live at this hotel amuse my son.


Our #2 child in my wife's belly is fluttering. Jenn describes it alternately as being brushed by butterfly wings or little bursts of bubbles. Hard to believe our son who has been merrily dropping rocks and sticks into road grates all over Spain and Portugal and who no longer sings EIEIO but demands our new car song was once also a flutterer.

I am happy.

. . .
The Car Song*

Red cars, blue cars, yellow cars, and green ones.
Cars. Cars. Cars.
Cars everywhere.
Vroom. Vroom. Vroom.
We drive the car.
Cars, cars, cars.
I like cars.

Big cars, small cars. New ones and old ones.
Cars. Cars. Cars.
Cars everywhere.
Cars all around.
Let's go to town.
Let's go drive.
We like cars.
Cars. Cars. Cars.

Bear cars. Fox cars. Hippo cars and weasel cars.
Cars. Cars. Cars.
Why is the bear in the car?
I don't know.
But I like cars.
Bears like cars.
We like cars.
So do bears.
Bears really like cars.
Cars. Cars. Cars.
Bears drive away.
Maybe looking for honey.
I don't know.
Cars. Cars. Cars.

What about the weasel?
I've never seen a weasel in a car.
Cars. Cars. Cars.
It doesn't matter.
It's a fact.
Weasels like cars.
That's kind of silly.
Weasels are unlikely drivers.
Shut up and drive.
Weasels like cars.
The weasels drive away.
So do the hippos.
Cars. Cars. Cars.

Cars on the road.
Cars in the rain.
Cars on the turnpike.
Cars in the brain.
Cars. Cars. Cars.
Cars everywhere.
But what about bikes?
Bikes are good too.
Especially with banana seats.
I miss my stingray.
But this song is about cars.
Cars. Cars. Cars.

Let's start over again.
Not again please.
Cars. Cars. Cars.
You have no choice.
Sing the song.
The kid loves the song.
He loves cars.
Cars. Cars. Cars.
Vroom. Vroom. Vroom.
Here we again.
Back to the beginning.

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07/26/06 12:08 PM

Beatiful post. I totally identify with both Portugal and the car song. My wife and I went to Portugal for our honeymoon. I constantly go back in dreams. Lisbon is simply amazing, saudade pura. And the songs, well, my kids demand "la del tigre" everynight, a song I once improvised for them where the tiger loses his stripes and has to run around to find them, with my kids' help, of course. The bee gets nervous when the tiger sees her and suspects of her stripes...

03/07/07 05:25 PM

p.s. We thought we made up this song on the spot, but today I discovered one of my favorite books from childhood titled The Whispering Rabbit, and other stories by margaret wise brown... in it:

I like cars
red cars, green cars
sports limousine cars
I like cars

A car in a garage
A car with a load
A car with a flat tire
A car on the road
I like cars...

my guess is this was buried deep in my memory...

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