June 3, 2006


I'll have a print or two in this installment of Jen Bekman's Hey Hot Shots show next week. The reception will be on the evening of Wednesday, June 7th from 6-8. Stop by please. Say hello.

On Saturday July 8th from 9-10AM I'll be at the great WFMU hosting the Listener Hour. If you miss the live show it will be archived on the net.

And on September 15th a one man show of my photography will be open at the Nelson Hancock Gallery in Dumbo. It will run for a little over a month.

Mark your calendars!

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06/03/06 08:53 PM

Congrats. Makes me wish (again) I were in NYC (again). What will be the criteria for the shot selection on your solo show? You have such diverse projects...

It seems I'll have a one man show of my photography in Caracas, this September. It is a total surprise for me, a sort of "offshott" of a book project, that in itself is another "offshoot" of the photoblog. I guess sometimes the best way to find things is to stop looking for them.

06/04/06 11:24 PM

Point of view is a wonderful thing. You are very lucky to have found Nelson. It seems you trust him and you are wise to listen to him. His take on things seems very appropriate, I agree and will walk through your projects again with new eyes.

I had a similar experience with the book, were my editor's interpretation made me see a dimension to it I had totally missed, even though I wrote and photographed the whole thing. I haven't found such editing help with my show yet, but your comment just sparked up an idea...

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