May 17, 2006


1. Why did my parents make me take ice skating lessons in Houston where the temperature rarely drops below 80?

2. Why, even at the age of 4 and a half, did I allow myself to be put into a bunny outfit?

3.Why was I so damned slow?

4. And why, when all the other kids had skated far far ahead of me, did I decide play to the crowd by turning and doing series of hops, eventually passing the other bunnies now headed in the opposite direction, causing the girl I liked, Kelly Jackson, to call me Fooey Bugs and wrinkle her nose at me for the rest of the summer?

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05/17/06 11:47 AM

Good god, that's funny.

05/17/06 12:31 PM

Oh my. My oh my. When I write LOL it's because I really did. People in my office are staring. Dear dear dear.

05/18/06 04:26 PM

Hilarious & too cute!, sounds like a David Sedaris story!

05/21/06 10:17 AM

Were you younger than everyone else, you are so small!

Jin Bak

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