May 30, 2006

When you know things

When your wife is in the emergency room, very sick, and very much in pain, and when the nurse can’t find a vein to draw blood and has to make repeated jabs with a long needle including one in between the knuckles, this is when, you as a husband, start to worry in earnest.

But then, between the grimaces, you see a smile flicker across your wife’s face, and when the nurse runs out to find another needle your wife turns and smiles and says, "I just had the thought, ‘maybe she can’t find the vein because I’ve been kissed by a vampire. My transmogrification has begun.’" This is when you know everything will be ok.

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05/30/06 05:07 PM

I hope she's ok, please send her my best wishes.
My heart jumped out of my chest when I saw this photo.
- Nancy

Raul, do you know this blog- it's author writes like a charm-

05/30/06 09:26 PM

My heart jumped too. I'm a regular reader who happens to live around the corner. If you all need anything, please do email. i have a daughter roughly the age of your son and we could even watch him for a few hours if you need a break.

05/30/06 09:27 PM

Yes, hope all is well with Jenn.

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