May 25, 2006


Ummm. Why have military planes been circling in formation over Brooklyn all day long?

posted at 02:18 PM by raul

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05/25/06 03:32 PM

Love the picture! What a brilliant contrast--the Statue of Liberty with the jet planes...

But disconcerting to think what they're doing!

05/25/06 05:18 PM

Fear not -- it's a Fleet Week thing. As I understand it, the schedule called for the Navy's Blue Angels stunt team and a C-130 to fly past the Statue of Liberty this morning.

This afternoon, the plan was for another Statue fly-past -- this time by an F-15, F-16, A-10 and P-51 Mustang, along with the now-obligatory C-130. I think that's the arrangement shown in your photo.

05/29/06 10:03 PM

i miss new york city, but man, i sure don't miss asking these kinds of questions...

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