May 7, 2006

Bathing Beauties


Those of you who have visited the house know of my minor obsession with vintage panoramic images. The American Memory Project houses a rich selection of panoramics including some of my favorite subjects: beauty contests, disasters, motorcycle clubs, and presidents.

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05/07/06 10:08 AM

If you are interested in Panoramas, try to get hold of the book "The Panoramic Photography of Eugene O. Goldbeck by Clyde W. Burleson and E. Jessica Hickman. Published by University of Texas Press, ISBN 0-292-72725-9

It is a beautifully book with about 80 fold out Panoramas. Goldbeck lived in San Antonio. The cover of the book is the 3rd Annual Bathing Girl Revue, Galveston TX May 11, 1922. And I loved reading about his life in photography.

05/07/06 07:53 PM

Wow and they let you download high-res TIFFs so you can print your own. So cool.

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