April 9, 2006

The Last Few Days in Brief

1. Explored the High Line with Jake.
2. Took the Chinatown bus to Philadelphia. (tickets $5-$12)
3. At long last went to visit the Barnes Collection.
4. Reported to my wife that I might have lost my wedding ring.

Me: I think I lost my wedding ring. The last time I remember wearing it was in the Dominican Republic.
Jenn: This is a good one. Novel. Emotional and hard hitting. Very good. A few years ago you would have had me, but I know you now and I'm not going to get involved in one of your psychodramas.
Me: I've turned the house upside-down. It's gone.
Jenn: Stop. How many times have we done this? I know how it goes. The fear, the self loathing, the ever more implausible theories... and then the inevitable, "oh, here it is."
Me: But...
Jenn: I'm not listening.
Me: It's...
Jenn: Nope.
Me: I'm..
Jenn: Next.
5. Passed many accidents on the NJ turnpike. Stopped at the Grover Cleveland Travel Plaza.
6. Was in the subway (in the corridor that connects the F to the 2 at 14th Street) and heard a great rendition of Cool Water as a spiritual in the manner of The Mighty Clouds of Joy by a blind musician named Sleepy Joe.
7. Missed a picture through a subway window of a couple making out behind an umbrella.
8. Went to a party where I ran into a guy who was one my best friend's prep school roommate. The two haven't spoken in 20 years and both have sons named Harry.

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04/09/06 09:24 PM

My last few days:

1. Worked.
2. Slept in. Played video games.
3. Watched golf on TV.
4. Ordered pizza.
5. Thought about going out but didn't
6. Ate some cereal.
7. Read blogs of people doing more interesting things than myself.

04/11/06 01:11 AM

The link would actually be: http://www.mexicanpictures.com/headingeast/LP-recordings. But don't count on it as I often move stuff around.

04/11/06 11:35 AM

I like the idea of seeing pictures that you didn't take as a memory that's indelible based on mental imagery, without anything physical to back reference as fact. Also, you can never show it to anyone else, which is bittersweet.

04/13/06 02:33 AM

I laughed out loud at the psychodrama. Which is no good as the wife is asleep.

04/15/06 01:18 AM

When you take the Chinatown bus, do you frequent the Vietnamese drugstore/grocery/take-out in front of it for bahn mih? :)P

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