April 11, 2006

La Jette

One of my favorite films La Jette, is available (temporarily I'm sure) in it's entirety on Google Video. This is the original version in French without subtitles. Download it for your computer/ipod while you can. The subtitled version of the film is available as part of a compilation on CD but it's expensive. I am happy to report (as I own a copy) that a book made of the movie's stills has become a collector's item.

posted at 01:03 PM by raul

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04/11/06 07:30 PM

If I could only speak French? Can you give us a summary. Looks so cool.

04/12/06 03:16 AM

Apple fans should know that the one to download is listed as "for ipod" which is just a quicktime file, the other one is an avi file which is a drag to run on the Mac.

04/12/06 05:05 AM

This film is fantastic---a story told entirely through photographs. It was the basis for Terry Gilliam's Twelve Monkeys.

04/12/06 06:32 AM

a sci-fi film about memory told in still images. hmmmm. wonder why raul is obsessed. I'm surprised the original was in French as I had only seen the version in French accented English without subtitles. Did you feel as I did that 12 Monkees was a total fucking mess and doesn't deserve comparison.

A friend who stalks

04/12/06 09:32 AM

I second the last remark about 12 Monkeys, which is a mess, to be sure, and undeserving of comparison. I don't think 12 Monkeys can fairly claim to be based on La Jetee -- all it does is filch the premise and then run with it, rather spastically, in a completely different direction.

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