April 25, 2006

Brian Ulrich

I noticed an image by Brian Ulrich in a magazine some time ago. Tonight I finally tracked down his website. Of his many projects, the one titled Copia really gets me.

Via Mr. Ulrich's site I discovered Greg Stimac's work, The project titled 'Recoiled Portraits' is the vision of Americans held by most Europeans I meet these days. In polyglot Brooklyn it has the shock of the foreign and yet for me all the images are familiar. These are the Americans of my teenage years in East Texas.

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04/25/06 06:32 AM

These are both good photographers. What you say about the 2nd one is true. On some level I see Americans all as gun toting rednecks. But this is at odds with the vision of America as a place of real artistic freedom. So many of my favourite artists and writers come from your country.

Steve- Canada

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