April 29, 2006

14 Year Old film

In my endless quest to reorganize the attic, I came across a rucksack with some unexposed film from the early 90s, at least 14 years old. I expected some radical color shift or fading, but the images were crisp and clear. They are from Ladakh. I am in the last frame and in it, I'm almost unrecognizable, the product of too much time on the road. I still have those boots--leather Vasques with a steel shank... possibly the best trekking boots ever. They don't make them anymore of course. Everything now is high tech-carbon fiber covered in goretex etc... but there is nothing like good old fashioned leather.

posted at 01:10 AM by raul

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04/30/06 02:01 AM

I've seen you speak here in New York and find it hard to believe that is the same person.

01/08/08 10:39 PM

I like old film and old boots. I have the same (or similar) boots I think. Old Vasque leather ones from 1979. Nice photos.

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