March 13, 2006

Notes to self 28 years later

Powder blue poly suit with deep bell bottoms. Check.
Cool pose. Check.
Earth shoes. Check. (essential)
W i d e & high open collar shirt. No tie. Check.
Vest. Ummm.
Show off your garden. No. No! So not cool. Stop.

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03/13/06 06:35 AM


03/13/06 11:34 AM


03/13/06 12:02 PM

i really think you're underestimating the synergy of a well-rocked suit and a well-tended garden. clearly, the pre-adolescent you recognizes this.

03/13/06 04:23 PM

hahahaha - a good check list here

03/13/06 04:42 PM

Add a groovin' powder blue suit to Michelango's David, and you've got Raul's twin! Watch those fire ants, Raul.

03/24/06 08:22 AM

As david said: clearly.

02/18/08 08:09 AM

Cool!!! XDDDD

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