March 20, 2006

missing the beach

About half of our beach snapshots look something like this.

posted at 01:15 AM by raul

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03/20/06 04:07 AM

sigh. i guess it's a dad thing. despite all my horrified clucking, my husband loves throwing our son up to terrifying heights, too.

this pic is adorable, but it makes me so nervous!

03/20/06 09:54 AM

I would disagree that love and joy between parents and kids is rare. I think showing it publicly is rare.

As for throwing kids in the air. I say the higher the better. I can't wait to have my own so I can send them up there.

Kelly (signing in from Toronto)

03/20/06 02:15 PM

I call this "detachment parenting", and it is something I practice with joyful regularity.

03/20/06 04:07 PM

My absolutely favorite photo of my dad and me is quite similar to the color shot you posted. My dad was about your age and I was about your son's age. I'm 25 now and keep the picture on my dresser. It's the first thing I look at every morning, a reminder that the purest joy can be found in the simplest of moments.

Christine Douglas

03/27/06 06:30 AM

smile smile

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