March 28, 2006

Jenn 1993

I've was organizing the attic tonight when I ran across a bunch of images of my wife from one of her college photography classes... My guess is that these ones went down like this:

Assignment: Self Portrait

1. Drive out from Chicago looking for something "artistic"....

2. See a corn field and swerve to a stop.

3. Quickly set the camera up on a tripod. Worry about being discovered.

4. Set the timer and run like hell into the corn.

5. Make serious arty face, wait for the snap, repeat.

Actually I love this whole contact sheet and am tempted to post the whole thing. Enjoy because Jenn might force me to remove them.

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03/28/06 10:22 AM

please post that contact sheet

03/29/06 02:39 PM

Really cool black and whites.

03/30/06 07:22 AM

I love these photos of Jenn, especially the top one with her arms stretched skyward. By the way, I'm sure that I recognize this cornfield. It's the one about a mile from here!
- Suzanne, still freezing in Illinois

05/16/07 06:53 PM

jenn's family for a few years lived amongst cornfields out in bucks county, pa. also jenn was obsessed with horror films as a kid and i think introduced children of the corn to us-- her cousins. also intro'd jaws. godfather. nightmare on elm street. porky's. everything a 7 year old should watch.

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