February 17, 2006

Not missing LA

As I was reminded today.

Q: Why did you leave LA?
Answer 1: In an entire year of LA dinners with friends, acquaintences, and business people my wife and I never had single meal in which the conversation did not eventually turn to diets, celebrities, or hit movies (often all 3). I am happy to note that in the last year our NY dinner conversations almost never end up being about diets, celebrities, or hit movies... Real estate is the pornography of this city, but even real estate never seems to dominate. People talk about things that actually matter.

Answer 2: In LA you have to schedule friends. Months go by between the times you hang out and even your closest friends will often break out of a lunch to discuss a deal on the cellphone. In NY people drop by and I have never once had someone run out of a lunch for an "important call".

Answer 3: I like seasons.

Answer 4: Earthquakes scare me more than terrorists.

Answer 5: Walking is fun.

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02/17/06 08:37 AM

Not fair. We here in LA also talk lipo and colonics.

02/24/06 01:47 PM

Not sure what good neighbors and LA have to do with one another.

02/24/06 03:37 PM

Yeah exactly. I've lived in this house in Brentwood for 6 years and have never once met a neighbor.

Aaron Goodman

02/25/06 06:49 PM

Shame on you Raul! You must have been hanging out with a bunch of losers!

12/04/07 02:57 PM

The worst part of L.A. is New Yorkers. They are always reminding you how much better New York is. Get over it and go back!

12/04/07 05:08 PM

Ha. The truth is I agree. I lived in LA ten years and talked about moving back for the first 8 years I was there. Then when I finally started to "get" LA I got married and my wife hated it there and demanded to move back. And of course I did move back.... But as much as I was frustrated by LA, I did fall in love with the place... There are many posts on this very blog about just that...

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