February 1, 2006

Congrats Mike and Rion

Photobooth Fun

I've always wanted to do a photobooth project with my wife in which we go from frame to frame across two strips. But sometimes Jenn has no patience for me and my photobooth projects so it has never happened. All was not lost though because today I got a chance to realize the idea and art directed this set of shots for my friends Mike and Rion on their wedding day. If I do say so myself, it looks great.

Congrats guys. Exciting times.

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02/01/06 10:30 AM

I don't understand how all you bloggers know each other. From my perspective out here in the middle of the country all the connections are hard to understand.

02/03/06 11:25 AM

i love it. we can't thank you enough for documenting the day. :D

02/28/08 08:53 PM

What a nice idea!

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