January 1, 2006

Hello 2006

2006? Already? Seems impossible. Wasn't it just yesterday that I wrote an entry dated 1/1/05? I'm not sure I'm ready for 06. Hell, I'm not sure I was ready for O5. In fact the last year I was really comfortable with was 02. 06 seems like the future. But the future isn't really working out the way we expected is it? My kid doesn't know any of this. His days are still unburdened by time or thoughts of what could be or what might have been. He really enjoys eating oranges. Hard to explain how very much he enjoys them. The pure joy. Right now the only thing that compares is climbing up and down the stairs. Climbing is happy time... but no, right now at least, oranges rule...epecially Clementines. For him the future will be 2100 or 2200 which is funny because neither of those dates seem as far away as 2000 was from 1980. But here we are. 2006.

Here are ten free wishes for you:

I wish someone whispers you a secret for your ears only.
I wish you a good night's sleep being held by the person you love the most.
I wish a new song so good it makes you get up and dance on the first listen.
I wish you find forgotten money (at least a twenty!).
I wish you read a book that changes your life.
I wish a stranger will say something to you that will make your day.
I wish you do somthing you always wanted to do but never thought you could.
I wish you see a falling star.
I wish you a foot massage.
I wish you love for something as much as my son loves oranges.

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01/01/06 09:29 AM

And I wish you and your family peace love and laughs.

Happy New Years my blog friend.


01/01/06 02:57 PM

the most awesome of wishes for the new year... wish you and your family the best... there's always something about your posts that makes me a little teary eyed, but in that oh so good way... salud...

01/01/06 10:41 PM

Happy 2006!

04/16/08 06:34 PM

you write a fine post, mr. raul. and it's always a pleasure to find someone else who likes a list. heading east is making me pine for l.a - it's okay, i like pining.

thanks for the entertainment.

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