December 20, 2005

The internet is a mysterious and wonderful thing

Back in August I wrote about revisiting a small village in Tibet after many years. I had brought photographs of my previous visit and the villagers told me that a teacher I had met there who had befriended me and helped guide me around had died.

Well today I got this message "hello, Raul!
it is nice to see that you went to back Amchok this year and it is good to see that you wrote things about your visit to Eastern Tibet. Though it was sad to see that you mentioned I was died! I am alive and live in Austria. I am the one who guided you Amchok some 11 years ago.


Amchok Choetar"

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12/20/05 11:02 AM

cool beans

12/20/05 05:07 PM

that's fascinating. Did he tell you how he found you?

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