December 18, 2005


Our entire clan has been struck down by a stomach bug our child picked up at the pediatrician's office (this is my theory, Jenn thinks it could have been picked up anywhere). Last night was a non-stop vomit-fest with the three of us abandoning the soiled bed and parking on a futon which was easier to clean up. I haven't felt so bad since had dysentery in India. Jenn was writhing around with cramps and our son would sit up with a scared look on his face and projectile vomit all over us. We didn't sleep much. Despite his suffering at 6:30 as usual the baby was in a remarkably good and ready to play. Jenn and I were less well. These were the respective comments of our parents when we called in for reinforcements.

Call #1:
Me: Dad, Jenn and I can barely make it out of bed we need your help.
My Dad: How are you going to have a second child if you can't take care of one?

Call #2
Jenn: Omma
Jenn's Mom: Hallelujah!
Jenn: Omma all three of us are sick with a stomach bug. We were all throwing up all night. Can you come up?
Jenn's Mom: But I don't want to get sick. You'll be ok, just pray to Jesus.

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12/18/05 03:40 PM

Hope you're all feeling better.
I had something similar last week. I'm in London, but I wouldn't be surprised if the same bug had skipped the pond.
Take it easy.

12/18/05 09:12 PM

Nice to see you still have your sense of humor about it. My 3 college roommates and I all went down with something similar a few weeks ago. In a very short time all of us were huddled up on bare mattresses puking into buckets and all of us nearly starved to death because we were too sick to get out of bed. We did not have a sense of humor at all and spent 2 miserable days yelling at each other from our bunk beds. Enjoy the blog by the way. I've been a fan of your photography for a while and just discovered the blog a few weeks ago. Good luck and get better.

12/19/05 01:15 AM

Hamish and I both had bad flu for two weeks when our kids were toddlers. We literally crawled the floor of our house for about two weeks- I think our kids thought we were playing with them (without smiling ) worst domestic memory. You have our sympathies all the way from England. -Nancy

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