November 9, 2005


Happy 6:02AM. Or not so happy 6:02AM. Why am I up at this ungodly hour? Well, I fell asleep while reading (The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes if you must ask) and woke up a few minutes ago, book still in hand. Lights on. Clothes on. Arms dead asleep rendering me floppy.

It was dark a few moments ago but the light came into the sky with startling speed. Why is it that sunrises are so fast while sunsets linger? I have a dilemma. Our baby will wake up in about 45 minutes. Should I wait until he sits up and starts calling for me to rescue him from the bed or do I try to squeeze in an extra wink of sweet sleep, knowing that I will wake up more tired than I am now? I think I chose sleep.

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11/09/05 01:26 PM

was it worth it?!

11/10/05 02:38 AM

I am curious what you thought of the book (assuming sleep deprivation WAS brought on by parenting, rather than the book, explainS the sleeping state). A worthwhile read?

11/16/05 12:41 AM

It's a great book if you are a photo geek. Lots of practical recipes for old photo processes (always with the requisite warnings about dangerous chemicals). I only wish I had discovered this book when I was 18 and had more time and energy than I do now.

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