October 1, 2005


These are pictures of my family's house in Lufkin. It took a pretty good hit with Rita. Almost more shocking to me than the damage to the house was the fact that a giant Magnolia tree out in the yard was uprooted. I planted that tree and watched it grow from a small thing to a 60 foot high beauty. I thought it would just always be there.

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10/01/05 07:37 AM

wow... bad bad bad

10/02/05 12:36 AM

Angelina County and Jasper County have dense forests. Combine that with 60-80 mph winds and it's a bad situation. Both counties have been declared disaster areas. Virtually everyone I've talked to down there had some tree-related damage. Add to the mix about 20,000 refugees from Lousians and other counties... The power is still not on in large swaths of the area... so it's tough.

Nobody was home at the time thankfully. I'm going down soon to deal with insurance people, repairs, and so on.

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